Triology of FANGA

by Hillary Sargeant

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Lost in space Freedom no justice We're jah Allah children Fullfilling our dream Ascending high Like jacanas we fly Liberated all Conquerers we are sure We speak in tounges swirling round beating on drums Spirits rise sprawling above Rekindling it's a celebration Rebirth - FIRE and BLOOD Lost in space Joy no sadness We're jah Allah children Evolving our ancestry Asending high Like jacanas we fly It's a powerless force Conquerers we are sure We speak in tounges swirling round beating on drums Spirits rise sprawling above Rekindling it's a celebration Rebirth - FIRE and BLOOD
Warrior 04:40
You can laugh at me You can bad mouth me You may do what you feel You may do what you feel I am a warrior born free Freedom becomes me My spirit is God’s keep They say we are living in a world of liberty Yet viciously we pay with our lives Day by day we are disheveled and dismayed I am a warrior born free Freedom becomes me My spirit is God’s keep And when I close my eyes from this world Yes! When I’m dead and gone I'd still be that warrior Born free OO OO OO OO Haya Haya Haya
Hurt So Much 05:15
Rich are getting richer Politicians taking us down The middle men is feeling the pain Well the poor man is already down Kids are running the street Guns violence is what they speak Their lives a ticking bomb The count down one and one 1+1=2 +1=3 add it up Oh, Oh it’s a sad situation Oh, Oh mental despair and affliction Pulling we down with ease Bullshitting Oh please Boom ,boom, boom all around Genocide is on and on Greed for the might green Sowing seeds, discrimination Reaping the core, division Power misused Choice a word much confused Rap Say you wanna do me right You’ve gotta have insight Insight for humanity Insight deep on feel Insight reality Insight I am begging we What we need is a true foundation Come together be one nation Stand in line prove us right Be the power of the hour Don’t be afraid Make that change On demand, take that stand Be a woman be a man Make a change I wake up in the morning Afraid of what will be Open eyes closed hearts Images, is what I see.
On my journey through a strange land Where sunset is like copper and gold There I met an old mystic man selling Myrr to cleanse one's home I approached him by asking What to do where to go What should I know He looked into my eyes and said Aye Ben Kilema (x 4) This is what he said I found myself near a mountain And felt chilled way down in my bones I new I came to the promise land And felt as if I'd just came home I became so excited What to do where to go What do I need to know But this constant echo in my head Aye Ben Kilema (x 4) This is what he said This echo in my head Aye Ben Kilema x 4 Peace be with you This is the land of hope Aye Ben Kilema
FANGA Original (free) 00:50
It's been a lie it's been a lie It's been a lie lie,lie, lie False leaders pretenters Impersonating you and me black people true leaders search through time you'll see cursed lepers destroyers Plundering to keep us down War mongers exploiters Seeking praise while they wear our crown Let's journey through history Analyze what has been told Examine the theraphy That's been spoonfed Throughout the world Is it fair? Is it right? That all great leaders are white We know as a proven fact That the greatest kings in the world Were black Chaka zulu Martin luther king False leaders pretenders true imposters in our shoes Lack people true leaders Those imposters are not real jews Proped up by rome to head the throne check history you will find They claiming what's not there own Revalation chapter 2 verse 9 False leaders pretenders It's up to you to choose Black people true leaders It's time you except That you too are jews Curse lepers destroyers Spoiling the earth in every way War mongers building arms Without fear of judgement day Uriah buzz butler Nelson mandela Fanga! Fanga! Fanga!


This album represents the 3 genres of FANGA but all in 1 voice. It's soulful/R&B grooves opens the way to the energetic African/Caribbean rhythms which then mellows out to the Middle Eastern vibes ending with the powerful FANGA theme song!

It's an album that is truly a keepsake and one that can be reached for in any mood....


released August 10, 2010

Producer: Loris Holland & Hillary Sargeant
Production: Hillary Sargeant, Tomer G. Cohen


all rights reserved



Hillary Sargeant FANGA Israel

Hillary Sargeant is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach. Pioneer of a brand new style dubbed "FANGA music", as she likes to call it, Sargeant empowers her fans through her FANGA!

What´s FANGA? It´s all about the groove. Fanga is a blend of several different genres in terms of sound, but the things that put them all together is the powerful message behind each tune.
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